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Teleprompter in action with an announcer reading from it

Autoscript teleprompters best in the world.
In different sizes

• 8"  for crane or stedycam
• 12" read up 6 meters
• 15" read up 10 meters
• 17" read up 13 meters

• Ipad prompter powered by app
• Presidential teleprompter designed for conferences and lectures
• Stage prompter camouflaged monitor audio
• All sizes plasmas
• Projectors and screens

Our company also provides services to a closed circle up to 8 cameras
On line routing

• Live broadcasts websites
• Editing and animation dervices
• 12 rear experience in

Among our:
• Tv channels
• Government minisries and security
• Impresario and artists
• Production companies
• Promotional videos

"Rmr teleprompters and closed circuit"

אודות טלפרומפטר

054-2475689   דוא"ל: tele@rmr-ltd.com
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